Randy Cook

Randy, a co-founder of Veritas Global, takes immense pride in his role as Chief Executive Officer. With an illustrious background at the AMI Expeditionary Group of Companies, Randy’s vast reservoir of experience and innovative spirit is at the very core of Veritas Global’s progress. His unique leadership ethos, synergistically combined with a fervor for team… Continue reading Randy Cook

Christopher Watson

Christopher Watson | Visionary Leader | Strategic Change Agent | Military Veteran Christopher Watson is a globally experienced, values-driven business leader and current COO of Veritas Global. Christopher stands as a catalyst for profound transformation, leveraging over 30 years of dynamic leadership across diverse domains. He is responsible for the Company’s operations, as well as… Continue reading Christopher Watson

Simon Forrington

Dr Simon Forrington, CMO for Veritas Global is a practising Senior Intensive Care Consultant in the UK’s National Health Service. Dr Forrington has many years’ experience in the assistance and air ambulance industries. He is also a Board Member and the Lead for Standards at the European Aeromedical Institute.   What makes you passionate about… Continue reading Simon Forrington